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               Last Updated 10/3/99                                                         


MGDTC will have a table of information, a doggy obstacle course and will be participating in "Dawg Jawg" 99. The event will be held October 30 in Warner Robins, GA. This is a three mile walk and there will be lots of information concerning our love for dogs. Proceeds will go to Warner Robins Animal Shelter.


   MGDTC is participating in the 1999 Alzheimer's Memory Walk & Run to be held Friday, September 24th at 6:00 P.M. in Central City Park.  The event will benefit the Central Georgia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.

update:  The walk was a success. MGDTC raised over $600.00 for the fundraiser.  Most everyone had a good time with the dogs and they enjoyed getting lots of hugs and treats.


   We are planning another bagging party for the Animeals program, October 3rd. Our program this month will be a demonstration of a certified Search and Rescue team.  Georgia K-9 Rescue Dog         ( Misty) and her owner/handler Joe Lambert will presenting this.           Please for more information.  Donations of dog and cat food would be appreciated.


   We are in the process of becoming sanctioned with the UKC and licensed as a non-profit organization.





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