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  Middle Georgia Dog Training Club
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About Us:

    We are a social club dedicated to learning more about training our dogs and supporting each other in that endeavor.  It is our desire to be a positive force in our Middle Georgia community by providing information to the public (including children) about responsible dog ownership.  One of our most important goals is to help people make wise decisions on dog issues such as adoption, spaying and neutering.  A dog/community program called Animeals was one of our first projects in the community.  Animeals  is similar to Meals on Wheels with the addition of animal meals.  We also schedule obedience classes for our members and nonmembers on a regular basis

    The Middle Georgia Dog Training Club (MGDTC) membership has a wide variety of interests ranging from competition obedience, therapy dogs, agility, hunting and tracking, search and rescue, and conformation.  We welcome all people interested in working with dogs and learning more about dogs.  It is NOT necessary to own a "purebred" dog to participate.  All that is required is a love of dogs and a desire to learn more about them.

    Our club meets on the 4th Monday of each month at the Flint Electric auditorium  on Elberta Rd. in Warner Robbins.  Visitors are welcome!


Mike Ferguson, President    Suzanne Thompson, Vice President
Jo Wilson, Secretary                 Pennie Almon, Treasurer 

   Nancy Robinett Ferguson, Training Director

Bob Almon, Board of Directors    Stephen Lee, Board of Directors






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